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We are all affected by the environment.

After all, we are talking about the world we live in and, perhaps even more importantly, that of the next generation.
How are we contributing positively to this? We use as few solvents as possible.

Today, many alternative, water-based products are available for cleaning stencils and tools.
Our new PCB cleaning machine has a completely closed system, so that no fluids are discharged into
the drain pipes. Instead, the machine has a built-in recycling system and both the wash solution and the rinse water can be re-used.
We have opted for energy-saving machines.
Our vapour phase soldering machine, for example, uses 75% less energy than the average convection reflow oven.

Our waste products are recycled where possible. This applies to soldering dross, but also to packaging materials.
Because production takes place exclusively in our own factory, we prevent long distance transport. This prevents a significant C02 discharge.


RoHS & REACH Compliance Statement