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Axtron is a carefully thought-out and well structured company, withskillfull professionals in all key positions.

As a (future) client, your first contact will probably be with our sales department.  This is where your requests for quotes are processed.
After an order has been submitted, the information provided by you is processed by the work preparation. Meanwhile, the purchase department
has already started to place the orders for the parts with lengthy delivery times and for the custom design parts.
Finally, once the work preparations are completed and all the materials have arrived, the project is released for production.
In this way we are able to realize turnaround times of 4-6 weeks for regular orders.

In some cases this delivery time will be too lengthy for you. We can then place your order as a rush order.
Depending on the circumstances and your wishes, the delivery time can then be shortened significantly.
In special cases we are even able to provide 24-hour service.