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Our new Trident ZDO is the most Environmentally responsible de-fluxing system.
The ZDO is fully closed loop and does not require a connection to drain.
A built in rinse water recycler captures, re-deionizes and re-distributes rinse water,
while monitoring resistance and alleviating the requirement for a drain.

With this machine we now can remove residues, including all lead and lead-free
residues from low stand-off component spaces. The ZDO is equipped with an
asymmetrical fan-jet spray system. Twin stainless steel counter rotating spray
bars featuring twenty stainless steel fan-jet nozzles project precision-diffused
wash solution and rinse water onto an oscillating board rack.
This spray system was implemented to deliver controlled fluid energy underneath
fine pitch components.

Our machine is equipped with a built-in cleanliness monitoring feature.
The systems will continue to rinse assemblies until a desired resistivity level is achieved.
This process monitoring tool will indicate and record when residual wash solution
has been removed from the cleaning chamber and can be used to assist with
Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) testing.

Please inquire William Smit or Edwin IJzendoorn for more information.